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As you browse through the featured galleries, you will find stimulating color and abstract figures. Ken’s passion for color has fueled the development of many unique paintings.

Bright colors and straight lines are painted across canvas, filling the space the way melodies and notes do as they settle in throughout a room. Ken Esteves’s impressionist paintings are depictions of his relationship with music; a way of bringing what he hears to a visual medium. This style takes its flavors from the music and dance that inspires him: Latin Jazz, the Mambo, and the Cha Cha. He captures the smoky cabarets and jazz filled nights with bold brush strokes and vivid tones, immersing you in his world.

Music has always been a large part of Ken’s life. As an artist, he has taken what he hears and made it what we see. The paintings within this gallery are of friends and experiences that have left a lasting impression on Ken…

New Artwork